Wednesday, January 04, 2006

About the Bone Folders' Guild

Here you can see all of the 60 journals
for the 60 Journals, 60 Libraries project.

Visit the Bone Folders' Guild website here.
Some recent exhibits/photos associated with the Wisconsin Book Festival.
"If Death Were A Woman Interpreted" ~ artists' books in response to a poem by Ellen Kort, Wisconsin poet laureate.
"A Progressive Conversation Party" ~ "The exhibit recalls the etiquette of the 1950s, when the game of sparkling conversation was considered a social art."

Monday, January 02, 2006

60 Books Project

This is my first page for the 60 Books Project. Sketched with a pencil and then a micron pigment pen. Used watercolor pencils and an alpha rubberstamp set. (There's a message in amongst the letters. Pay no attention to the word "stork" though... that happened before I realized that it's much easier to spell words when you're not trying to than one might think. Why I'm not better at Scrabble I don't know.)
Funny that I heard about the 60 Books Project through a yahoo group - Everydaymatters - even though it takes place in my own hometown. I looked up the details on the Wisconsin Book Festival site, though. My book group went to see Isabel Allende ( when she lectured as part of the Festival. We read "House of the Spirits" prior to seeing her, and will be reading another of her books for our January meeting.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Melanie's page

Melanie participated in the 60 Books Project, a project modeled after the online 1000 Journals Project ( Books were made by the Bone Folders' Guild of Madison, Wisconsin, and distributed via the public library system to be journaled/drawn/painted in etc. I made a sticker for her of acetate/gold leaf with a rubber stamp she bought in San Antonio last summer. Her page in the book was published in the newspaper last month with an article about the project. After a year of circulation the books will be exhibited for the next Wisconsin Book Festival.