Friday, July 25, 2008

Polaroid PoGo - Gadget Geek Alert

I saw this amazing and super wonderful little printer on telly today.
Standing at the ironing board (Do not look askance! It happens sometimes!) and not paying much mind to the TV until I heard the words "INKLESS"!
No ink. The paper has heat-activated dye crystals embedded in it, and it prints out little 2x3 pictures. The technology is called "Zink" - Z = Zero Ink.
I think I'm in love!
Of course, I said the very same thing in reference to the other little Polaroid-type camera,
the i-zone... the one with the tiny little prints that were in vogue several years ago. You know I still have an unopened one and some film down in the basement.
This one is supposed to retail for $150 this fall. Don't I need it?
It's called the Polaroid PoGo. Check it out here.

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