Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Book Club of California Centennial

The design for the centennial celebration of The Book Club of California via Felt & Wire.

I am completely charmed by the idea of a book club devoted to the love of the printed book, whose members include artists, collectors, and printers. If you're one of the 1000 members you receive a letterpress printed "Quarterly News-Letter" ("QN-L" for short) and other exclusive printed perks. Sweet.
The claim is that the newsletter is the only letterpress printed newsletter in the U.S. There are pictures of various covers of previous newsletters on the site, and a notice that some issues can soon be read via a PDF.
This logo was designed by designer Michael Osborne, and I took particular note because I just designed, in my own bumbling Illustrator way, a similar rectangle as a return address for myself.

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