Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mississippi Houseboat

My book group took a weekend excursion on the Mississippi on a houseboat, courtesy of the planning and piloting of a member and her friend who loves being on the river. We had to have a book, of course... and that book was The River Queen.

Houseboats in a row.

Home away from home. Very cozy, with electricity and a real live bathroom. 
Close quarters, but comfy nonetheless.

Our main activities were kayaking, eating, reading, eating,
talking, eating, admiring the views as we toodled up and down the river,
and eating.

The food... many thanks to the book club members, all of whom it seems are quite accomplished cooks. My contribution was an appetizer of hot spiced pecans, and a Red Velvet Cake, a redux of a club meeting for Getting Mother's Body.

The views... the houseboat as we traveled up and down the river or were anchored on a beach, from the kayaks... lazily paddling through the back byways and collecting monkeypods, riding along with or struggling against the current of the Mississippi.

Though it looks idyllic... there were a few "inconveniences" ~ 
the unexpected and unseasonable heat wave, the flies, the no-see-ums. 
Just a little reminder.

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