Monday, June 02, 2008

Texas Barbeque

We were in Texas checking up on the old home place. On the way out of San Antonio we stop at Rudy's. We're tickled that they bill themselves as the "Worst Bar-B-Q in Texas". It's good, though. When my grandmother and great aunt did the run out to the country house, they always stopped here. In Texas it seems that barbeque is not served on plates. You get a kind of deli paper for the meat, and rectangular paper bowls or styrofoam cups for the beans and potato salad, etc. When you order your barbecue, you don't order a sandwich, you order by the pound. And the bread, at least the bread I've seen, is always from a loaf of soft white bread.

The rest of the pictures are from Woody's, the barbeque/gas station/convenience store down the highway from the old home place. Much the same scenario... house barbeque sauce for sale, and all manner of meats and other foods for sale, including fudge, pecan pie, and those pink peanut patties I used to eat all the time when we visited grandmom in the summer. Two big stainless steel serving canisters of iced tea, one sweet and one unsweetened. Picnic tables and loaves of bread just laid out on the table... help yourself. The gentlemen behind the counter were pleased to provide samples of everything they had for sale, including buffalo and venison jerky, and elk summer sausage.

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