Friday, May 22, 2009

The Louet David Loom

It seemed serendipitous that I was musing about how a lot of the weaving drafts I was looking at in books required at least 8 shafts, (and I, alas, had only four) at the same time that I wandered into the basement of Lakeside Fibers during a spring sale. The store's owner(s) had decided to divest themselves of all weaving equipment and supplies and their demo looms were for sale. 
Kismet, right?
And so, the Louet David, in cherry, an 8-shaft, 10 treadle sinking-shed loom, joined the Harrisville in the sunroom. V-e-r-y tight quarters, but I made them fit, I think. Sort of.


GAB said...

Your David is beautiful. I'm currently looking for a David, wish they still made them in cherry. Lucky you!

Outpost Empress said...

Thanks! I love the cherry, too. I would have loved to get a sectional warping kit to add on, but I would have to get it in another finish/wood.