Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eric Joisel, French Sculptor of Origami

Eric Joisel, French Sculptor of Origami - NYTimes.com:

Recent pieces include a series of musicians, each less than a foot high and each holding an instrument made of a separate piece of paper. This link shows some of the process ... from fold diagrams and collapsed forms, to the pieces after shaping. Incredible!
The NY Times article includes a link to the diagram for making the hedgehog (good luck!), and one to a great trailer for a documentary about ten artists and scientists working in paper/origami. I will be putting this movie, Between the Folds, on my Netflix list posthaste.

Update! I watched this and was a.mazed at the segments on postmodern origami (who knew?) and origami tesselations. I need a really big sheet of paper!

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