Sunday, February 26, 2012

2011 Happened II

Yeah, the Mall of America.
It's good if you can get there when other people are not. 
Good luck.

 Checking in with the Lego Store from above is always fun.

Nickelodeon Universe. We didn't do rides this time. 
The first time we (as in the two older daughters) were here was 
when it was called Camp Snoopy and Peanuts characters ruled the day.

Just outside Cirque du Soleil's Ovo

                   A restaurant inside the Mall of America that serves this outrageously 
                   fabulous dessert called a S'more Brownie. 
                   The restaurant is appropriately named Crave.

            Headed for the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the King Tutankhamen exhibit. 
            We found ourselves in this little square just a block away from the museum.
            The street was all brick cobblestones, and right next to the St. Paul Library and just
            as charming and cute as all get out. And the parking was free that day to top it off.

            This was the view across the square from our parking space.

            And there was a purple car. When youngest was small, we paid her a dime for
            every purple car we spotted. She made a good bit of money that way. (But not a lot!)


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