Sunday, February 26, 2012

2011 Happened

           I was telling a friend yesterday that 2011 was kind of a bust for me, which it
           kind of was in certain ways,
           but it turns out as I look back at pictures . . .
           there were some good things that happened that year.
           I cleaned out Studio I. Here is one of the "before" pictures.
           (There are more, but I won't subject you to that. And the "after" 
           pictures will come later.)
           It's actually a work still in progress, but much progress has been made.

           I went to Minneapolis/St. Paul twice.
           Once with my mom, and once with two of my daughters.
           And both times I got to see my daughter and son-in-law who live in MN.
           So that's a big 2011 bonus.

           The most exciting thing I saw in Minneapolis was this statue of
           Mary Tyler Moore flinging her hat into the air.

               "Who can turn the world on with her smile.
                 Who can take a nothing day,
                 and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile . . . "

                "You're gonna make it after all . . . "

             Minneapolis has cool manhole covers. I once had 4th and 5th grades design
             and paint manhole covers on pizza cardboard circles, and then underneath
             the cover they drew whatever imaginary world they wanted. I put them on the
             floor of the hallway on "Back to School" night and people could lift the cover
             on a kind of hinge I made to see the world underneath.

            And no trip is complete without stopping in at IKEA.
            I wonder how many people (I'm imagining little boys, but I could be wrong),
            think that the toilets are not for display only.

             Hot lunch! (and how many of you are thinking of the original "Fame" now?
             No? Go here.)

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