Sunday, February 26, 2012

2011 Happened III

It appears that showing up at the end of the day on a Sunday is the 
  way to go. Imagine people winding up and down. They weren't there
                             when we were there! No pictures allowed in the exhibit, so what 
                             follows are the non-exhibit pictures.

I do like it when there is art everywhere. This is the entry booth.

And this is the Mississippi River Visitor Center, just inside the doors of
the museum. And that's Melanie, standing on a map of the Mississippi
                           River Basin, printed right on the floor. Love that.

                        We didn't see a lot of the rest of the museum, as we were there pretty close
to closing time. A lot of the museum is geared towards small-ish children.
                        But this exhibit was tailor-made for me. Little automatons . . . many, many
                        of them. This tiger has a fish swimming around and around in his head 
                        as he's typing.

Cat and cat puppet!

Right outside the museum, the other direction from the charming little square,
is the Mississippi River, complete with steam-powered showboats. 

                       This is the view to the right of the museum on the way out. 
Not picturesque in the same way as the charming square or the Mississippi
                       River, but after seeing this picture I love the lines and colors in it.

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