Friday, April 13, 2012

To Sir, With Love

Latest movie on a sleepless night - "To Sir, with Love"
Filmed in 1967, so I definitely remember the clothes, the hair, and the music. The teens here are pretty tame actually, comparatively speaking . . . and the dancing? 
Best things about it:
Sidney Poitier. 'nuf said.
Lulu singing "To Sir, with Love" in the 60's.
How many times have I belted out that song in the car or the shower.
And here's a new-ish clip of Lulu singing the title song in 2008: Wow ... looking and sounding really great! But I'm curious about how someone doesn't get absolutely sick of singing one song for forty years. 

Birth of a Book

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

I'm still on a book jones . . . more posts to come about and for and celebrating and making books. Here's a little film on the making of a book that I came across on the Raincoast Cottage blog. Seems apropos in light of the current happenings in the book publishing world, where words like anti-trust and monopoly and price-fixing are being bandied about. I'm still considering where my thoughts might fall in the controversy, but I have to say that while I love my e-book reader, I still also love the printed book. In my ideal world I would get to have, if I wanted a book for my library, a printed copy and as a bonus for buying the printed book I would get to have an e-book for a pittance to keep on my devices.