Thursday, September 26, 2013

Origami Street Artists

Origami Street Artists!
How cool is that. This is a group called TheUpsideUp, and instead of "tagging" with paint, they use origami art to transform a public place without leaving any damage to the surface it's mounted on.
Like this:

And they also do installations, like this:
Photo: Tango® Create to ... DAZZLE. #howlive @MWVPackaging @howbrand

via Mohawk Connects:

Color Laser Printer with White Toner

Yegods! Digital color prints in WHITE ink!

Get one of your very own for $3,995.00.
And the white toner cartridge is $559.00.
Or wait for sanity to set in.
OKI C711WT Color Laser Printer with White Toner